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Annabelle – Crazy tickling with her hands tied to the ceiling

Definition - 1080P
Length - 11:15


Meet Annabelle!
She is 20 years old, 167 cm tall, and shoe size is 38 (8.5 US).
She is a very ticklish and fun-loving girl. Anabelle is studying to be an IT specialist.
This cute blonde has a very pretty face and feet! This babe happens to hate tickling and simply can’t stand it, well answer me, isn’t that the perfect excuse to make a tickling video with her? Oh yeah!

Sweet blonde Annabelle is fixed in an “I” pose with her hands and feet tied. Her hands are tied above her head to a hoist and her feet are tied at the ankles. I pulled Anabelle up so that she was standing on her toes.
As soon as I started tickling her, the sweet girl started twitching like crazy, what a reaction!

She squealed, laughed, kicked, and wiggled at the same time, even hitting me a couple of times. The frenzied energy, like gasoline in an open fire, just provoked my desire to tickle her more and more. It was some kind of crazy dance.

It turned out a little chaotic but very, very fun. She didn’t expect this from herself, because it was her first experience and she even liked the interaction. We hope you will like it too 🙂

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