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Armenian Ada’s ticklish nightmare on the cross – beauty tickling

By Dero

Beautiful Ada is again in a ticklish situation. She’s attached to the cross by her arms and legs. Now are going to tickle her. Susanna sits at ticklee’s feet and I am behind her body. We tickle her hard enough and hear her pleasant laughter. I finger her ribs that are ticklish enough, and I also tickle her armpits with my nails so that Ada laughs even louder.
Next, we focus on her feet. Susanna tickles Ada’s beautiful big feet with oil.
Then we’re back to her upper body. I take feathers and an electric toothbrush and Ada’s belly button. And then I turn back to her sweaty armpits and a ticklish waist.
Ada laughs and I think she likes it.
In the end, we return again to Ada’s feet with pink toenails. Susanna quickly tickles Ada’s soles with her fingernails and then again attack her upper body.

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