Astrid and Kate Anima. Girlfriends foot licking


Length – 19:43

Kate Anima and Astrid are going to have some fetish fan together.
Kate tied young Astrid on the bench. Astrid is barefoot and tightly bound with no chance to escape. She wears nice lingerie and looks very hot and innocent (but we know that she’s a devil in disguise, heh).
Kate decides to worship her girlfriend’s feet and takes some honey… Astrid watches it curiously. Kate lubricates Astrid’s soles with the honey. Then she licks the honey from Astrid’s feet.
Then Kate takes a ball gag and put it into Astrid’s mouth. She wants to make her even more helpless. Astrid looks so cute now. Then Kate grabs a sour cream and licks it from Astrid’s feet and toes and makes her feet clean from honey and sour cream. Astrid loves this procedures as well as Anima does.

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