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Audrey’s Feet in Your Face

Audrey is the kind of girl who loves to humiliate boys at her feet! She could wear the same pair of socks for about a month just to watch you suffer in pain and rub them in your face! She first teases you with her shoes on before she takes them off to cover your face with her sweaty white socks! They are extremely hot and smelly but she wants you to bow down on your knees and sniff them!

The aroma really turns you on now and she knows about your foot fetish so she wants you to stick your tongue out and lick her dirty socks! She wants you to taste the flavor of her socks after sweating for about a month in her sneakers! Audrey also takes her socks off to smother your face with her smelly barefeet! Your small cock is getting hard now but she doesn’t want you to cum!

She wants you to sniff and lick the bottom of her soles as a devoted loser slave! She also wants you to take her foot really deep into your mouth so you can suck on her precious toes! (French Language)

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