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Avery’s Sweaty Butt Humiliation

Definition - 1080P
Length - 07:42


Avery is the kind of girl who loves to humiliate this loser slave all the time so this is exactly what she does well in this clip! She is actually coming back from the gym so she wants this loser slave to sniff her sweat! She begins to take her sneakers off to let him take some very deep breaths inside her sneakers! She makes him sniff both of them! She also peels her socks off, and just covers his nose with both of them! She makes him stick his tongue out just to give him a taste of her sweaty black socks! Avery also brings this humiliation to another level when she puts both of her socks inside his mouth and makes him shut his mouth to sit on his face!

This loser slave must now sniff her ass while chewing of her sweaty black socks at the same time! She rubs her sweaty both all over his face and just pushes his nose really deep in her butt crack! She sits on his face in many different positions and bounces her ass on his face just to really make fun at him! Avery is hot as hell again in this clip! Super Hot Clip Alert!

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