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Length - 44:23 -
Definition - 1080P

Bad New Years day for collector – Part 2. Complete conquest (foot + foot worship)

Part 2 starts when part 1 ends. This part is dedicated to the of the male feet and female domination with foot worship.

Without ceasing to torment her new slave, the Mistress comes up with a new test, she fixes masked man on the bench, fastens his arms at the top and ties his legs and toes and starts flogging his feet. She whips him with different whips. She slaps his feet with no mercy and sometimes slaps him on the hips.
Then Mistress takes the most painful triple whip and orders him to count the blows. 50 blows in total. Masked man suffers the pain. The last blows leave red marks and are very severe – and after the last blow, one of the twigs of the triple whip flies aside.

Then follows a with fire and wax. The girl lights candles in a container and places a flame under his feet. While he felt the heat on his feet, she begins to drip hot wax from the candle on his feet. She doesn’t stop while all his legs were in wax and at the end, she surely extinguishes the candle on his foot.
It seemed that all is over but no – the lady wants to completely dominate the man and puts him in a doggy style pose and puts a collar around his neck. The man is already ready to serve her. The collector of jewelry looks pathetic now and Mistress him to lick her feet – he lies and licks her toes and sucks her heels. She completely controls him.

From time to time she knocks him with a whip and at the end makes him do her foot massage and lick her feet again…

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