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Bad schoolgirl tickle punishment! Part 2

In a whirlwind of anticipation and excitement, the first tickling video left Mortisha utterly overwhelmed. As she slowly regained consciousness, her memory of the events that transpired before remained a hazy enigma. The tickling had been so intense that her nervous system seemed unable to withstand the tickle attack. However, her relentless classmate had no intentions of letting her off the hook so easily; he was determined to continue the punishment in a fresh position.

Lying face down on the bed, Mortisha found herself at the mercy of her captor, unable to predict his next move. He had cunningly identified her most ticklish spots – the delicate ribs and vulnerable armpits. But rather than launching an immediate attack, he began slowly, teasingly, starting with her feet and legs. The suspense was excruciating, and Mortisha’s laughter erupted as her feet were tickled relentlessly. She prayed silently that the tickler would not discover her weakest points. Little did she recall the first tickling session when her vulnerabilities were expertly explored.

Having thoroughly enjoyed tormenting her lower body, the tickler moved on to the main event – Mortisha’s upper body. With a devilish gleam in his eye, he unleashed a tickle hell upon her sides, ribs, and especially her ultra-ticklish armpits. Mercy was a foreign concept to him as he reveled in her hysterical laughter, pleas for respite falling on deaf ears. Each passing moment made it harder for Mortisha to catch her breath as the tickling sensation intensified, and her laughter turned into a delightful yet breathless chorus.

In the end, the video captured Mortisha left completely spent, gasping for air, and once more lost consciousness. The intense tickling had pushed her to the brink, leaving her utterly breathless and powerless.

Oh, what a thrilling and exhilarating ordeal it had been! The anticipation, the laughter, and the unrelenting ticklish sensations had created an unforgettable experience, and Mortisha’s fate remained uncertain as her classmate’s mischievous endeavors were far from over.

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