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Beg for My Attention and Get Punished

Length - 10:38
- 1080P -
Published 5 October, 2021

I came home at the end of the day,  My slaveboy is lying there with his hand tied behind his back and mouth tapped as I ordered. I gave him a few hard kicks into his belly getting him.”Hello sweetie! How was your day? Did you miss me?” while kicking him. hahaha
I sat down, crossed my legs and started to dangle your shoe on my toes in front of his face.

I tease him, telling him “You must have been so lonely without me. Just lying there the whole day, dreaming about me, waiting for me to come home. Did your tongue miss my feet?” I slowly let my shoe drop on my toes and teased him again, and told him to worship my heels and feet…  but he cannot so I laughed on his face. I took the tape off his mouth and used him as a footrest , shoving my bare heel into his mouth.
I continued talking to him, asking him if he has been a bad boy?… He cannot talk because my heel is on his mouth… So I took it as a YES! I think he needed a good kicking.

I started kicking him in the belly with my  high heels. He’s lying there with his back to the wall, and I kicked his stomach. I Made every kick count  and each kick has a reason! ” This is for being such a …..”

Then I used my shoe heel as a footgag to see if he learned the lesson. I though he needed more so I put on my knee high boots while I kept verbal humiliating. ” He is going to cry and lick his own tears”

I gave him another round of kicks in the belly, this time with boots. Finally  I finished him with the hardest kick possible LMAO … and walk away laughing at him while he was crying at the floor.

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