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Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish! Part 1

I am very excited and happy to present to you my new amazing ticklee-Svetlana. Svetlana is a gorgeous blonde with a very positive attitude, sense of humor, and most importantly-veeery ticklish. 😀

The first part of the video represents an interview, so that you can get acquainted with her. Her sexy smile and overall look enchants you immediately.

After we are done we’ve the interview, I join her on the couch to test where she is ticklish. You can definitely see that she is a bit closed at first, as if she is afraid and reluctant to allow the ticklish sensation to overwhelm her. I try her sides, belly, ribs. And once I touch her armpits her ticklishness immerges. She is extremely ticklish on her armpits, and as the video goes, she becomes more and more ticklish.

Next are her feet. But she has these sexy boots on her. Hmmm, I should remove them. Oh, that was a very sexy experience for me, I must admit. 😀

And once her boots are removed a pair of sexy, young, soft feet come into the scene. Absolutely marvelous! I barely contained myself to not lick them. 😀

I start tickling her on the feet, her reaction is modest in this video, but in the coming videos, as she warms to me, OMG! Her feet become sooo ticklish. 😀

Overall the video is a nice introduction to this blonde Goddess, with sexy scenes, gentle, sensual touches, to warm her up for the upcoming tickle hell. 😀

And with every other video, that I will post in the future, her ticklishness grows to insanity.

As always the entire video is subtitled in English for maximum pleasure.

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