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Blonde, Sexy and Ticklish! Part 4

The tickling journey of the beautiful Svetlana continues with part 4. In this video she lies on the couch on her belly, exposing her thighs, but and back to me. I start with her feet, where I play for a while with her soles, heels, and toes. Svetlana laughs a bit, but the feet are not her most ticklish area.

I then move above her legs, tickling her under her knees, she is definitely ticklish there, her thighs and ass.

In the second part of the video, the tickling continues on her upper body, where she is much more ticklish. I start slow, with feathers. I try her back, sides, and ribs. Svetlana squirms and giggles. Then I decided that it is time to attack her most ticklish spot-her armpits! Once I touch them, the blonde cutie explodes into wild laughter. Multiple times she tells me that it tickles her a lot and begs me to stop, but I showed her no mercy.

I tickled her to insanity on her armpits till the end of the video, producing some very arousing moments of pure ticklish laughter and begging for mercy.

The whole video is subtitled in English for full enjoyment.

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