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Brittany’s Human Footstool

Brittany is the kind of girl who thinks that every woman should have their personal foot slave to serve them so that’s why she really have no problem and takes pleasure to use this loser slave as a footstool! That was a very long day with her shoes on so she just can’t wait to take them off and use his face as a footstool! She loves the feeling of having his face under her feet and she loves to dominate him and makes him sniff her socks! The slave gave her the permission to shop on the internet with his credit card so that’s why he’ll have to stay there and serve for thirty minutes! She almost forgot about him under that desk!

She rubs her sweaty white socks all over his face and makes him lick the dirty bottom while shopping some new clothes on the internet with his credit card! What a loser! Brittany also wants him to take her socks then immediately covers his face with her smelly bare feet! He’s just a perfect footstool! She rubs her sweaty feet all over his face to feel the fresh air coming out from his nose and his mouth on her feet! She also makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles while spending every dollar left on his credit card! (French Language)

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