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Calie Tickles Her Beautiful Friend Ninon

The beautiful Ninon is immobilized on our new device and all her most ticklish spots are at the mercy of her sexy friend Calie. Ninon’s body is extremely sensitive all over and she is just the perfect tickle toy to have fun.

Calie tickles the helpless bare feet with feathers at the beginning then she increases progressively the tickling with fingers and hairbrushes without mercy. She really enjoys so much Ninon’s crazy reactions! Girls are merciless when they tickle their friends and this is great to watch. During a moment Ninon has her two feet tickled at the same time by Calie and by the Tickler for more hysteria! Then after a good bare feet tickling punishment Ninon’s upperbody is explored and tickled with feathers and fingers.

The girl is so ticklish that she explodes at each touch on her sides, underarms or belly with every techniques. Calie loves that and she does her best to drive Ninon insane. At the end of the clip you’ll enjoy a foutain of laughter because the helpless ticklee is simultaneously punished on her feet and upperbody. Ninon is as ticklish as she is beautiful and Calie gave her exactly what she dreaded!

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