Calissa Loses Control Under Veronique's Fingers : Bare Feet Tickling


Length – 11:03 – 720P

Calissa is a new very charming 22 years student with exquisite feet. This is her first ticklish experience and SHE INTRODUCES HERSELF IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE at the beginning of the video. She explains that her feet are extremely ticklish and effectively we were not disappointed. Her perfect soles and toes are extremely sensitive and every touch on her soles and toes drives her insane.

Veronique is the main tickler here and she loves to drive super ticklish girls crazy. She uses her fingers and brushes to get explosive reactions from the sexy girl and it is not very difficult! It tickles like crazy and Calissa loses all control of herself under Veronique’s sadisical fingers.

This awesome new ticklee is deathly ticklish all over and she has amazing reactions. Sit back and enjoy her laughter.

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