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Length - 10:22 -
Definition - 720P

Calissa Tickles Lylie Till She Goes Nuts – Upperbody Tickling

The sexy Calissa is very impatient to have some fun wih the beautiful and immobilized Lylie. Calissa is an awesome ticklee but she’s a sadistical tickler too because she loves to discover the most ticklish spots of her victims and the best techniques to get the best reactions. Lylie is horribly ticklish all over then she’s a great tickle toy especially in this position. The first part is a merciless upperbody tickle with some explosive reactions.

Lylie has no chance to defend from tickling and this is exactly what we love to see. Watch her EXTREMELY TICKLISH UNDERARMS get attacked over and over till she goes crazy. This is intolerable and Lylie begs for mercy but Calissa is really decided to get the maximum laughter. Poor ticklish Lylie…

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