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Camille & Maika’s Private Party – Original Uncut Version

Camille and Maika are still on the brand new year’s eve celebration and it seems to me like the party is not over! There was like so many after and after parties so after dancing two nights in a row, it’s about time to rest their tired feet! For sure those feet are probably sweaty and smelly but, who cares? Not those girls! They called this loser foot slave and ordered him to lay down on the floor! They makes him take their boots and shoes off then completely cover his face with their sweaty nylon feet! Four sweaty nylon feet in his face! Is that awesome? They both talk on the phone with their friends to plan their next party and just use his face as a foot stool for their feet!

Camille and Maika also takes those nylons off to totally enjoy that amazing experience! They want to clean their feet on his tongue! The girls are really making fun at him and it seems like they have no sympathy for this guy! They make him lick the sweaty bottom of their soles and suck on their precious toes while they are just making fun planning the next party! Another Hot Clip! Join the fun!

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