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Length - 08:18 -
Definition - 1080P

Carol Ann’s Sweaty Feet Challenge

OMG! This Sexy Brat Carol Ann is back for another crazy session! We did a sick offer on her about a sweaty socks challenge and she was so intrigued about it! Let me tell you here about the rules for this funny challenge! We told Carol Ann that she could wear the same pair of socks as long as you want! For your work? gym? dancing? party? shopping and jogging? Sure! Go for it! Your slave will have to deal with your feet in his face for thirthy minutes! No matter what you did with your socks! If not? You get a five hundred bucks extra as a bonus! She was like oh my god…really? Sounds good to me!

Carol Ann rested with her boots on after party that night before doing this challenge after she wore the same socks for three weeks just to make sure her slave won’t be able to survive this deal! She wants to spend that five hundred bucks on a trip! This deal was just sick and unhuman! Trust me!

Carol Ann just can’t wait to take her boots off to cover his face with her disgusting socks! Let me start the chronometer now! Thirty minutes we said? She makes him lick that sweat from her socks with a cruel smile and take them off to cover his face with her smelly barefeet! She makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles to make sure he chokes and lose this deal! Congrat Carol All! Hope you’ll have fun with this five hundred bucks! (French Language)

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