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Length - 06:11 -
Definition - 1080P

Carolina & Mandy’s Poker Night

Carolina and Mandy just want to make fun and play poker tonight but it seems like they had planned to do it with a foot slave at their feet! That was a very long day with their feet inside their boots and sneakers so they really needed a footstool! They make a deal to play a little card battle game before playing poker so the battle game would decides who takes advantage of the slave! It seems like Mandy wins the first battle to she makes the slave take her boots off and completely smothers his face with her sweaty grey socks! They were so dirty and smelly but it seems like she just doesnt care! Carolina also gets her turn so she makes the slave take her sneakers off to cover his face with her sweaty stinky socks! The girls just make fun at him and make him lick their dirty socks each one their turn!

Carolina thinks he doesnt have enough spit to clean their socks so she just spray some hot water on his face! Both girls really have fun with that spray bottle so both of their socks are now all wet and dirty! That was totally gross! The girls also make him take their socks off with his teeth and just rub their smelly feet on top of it with their socks into his mouth! They go on again with that card battle game so they can make him lick their feet each one their turn! Mandy makes fun at him again and spray a lots of water on his face so his tongue is now wet enough to clean those four smelly dirty feet on his face! They can now focus on their poker game and just enjoy their human footstool! Super Hot Clip Alert! (French Language)

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