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Definition - 1080P
Length - 05:37

Cassandra Crushes Bananas

Cassandra already knows that you are totally addicted to her feet, but especially after a long day with her nylon feet inside her high heel shoes, so she now wants to know if you would like her feet enough to eat some nice fruits from her feet, even if they are super sweaty, and super stinky! There is actually two bananas in the bath, and it seems like she is dreaming about making you eat those bananas from her sweaty nylon feet! She starts teasing you with her high heel shoes on, just to pretend that she will crush those bananas with her shoes, but she is actually taking her shoes off, and starts rubbing her nylon feet on those bananas!

She starts crushing those bananas with her feet, but it seems like it’s doing a big mess all around! She wants you to eat and taste those bananas from her sweaty nylon feet, and it seems like you just have no choice to do it! She keeps crushing both of those bananas under her nylon feet, and the mess in now really hardcore in the bath! She wants you to open your mouth as wide as you can, and eat those bananas from her sweaty nylon feet! Don’t you like the taste of those bananas from her nylon feet with that little flavor of her sweat? She knows you like it! So eat it all! She wants you to eat every single pieces of bananas from her feet, or she will ask you to lay down on your back, and she will crushes your face with her sweaty nylon feet all full of those bananas! Make sure you obey all of her instructions, and eat it all, or she will trample you on the bath with her nylon feet all massy from those bananas!

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