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Cassandra’s Gaming Experience

Cassandra likes to play video games sometimes, so she thought it could be nice to have you on her back to watch her play one of those Rockstar game, while you would just wait for your turn to have that joystick! She really wants you to sit on her back, so it’s gonna be easier for her to play, without having you disturbing her game! It was a very long summer day with her precious feet inside her Converse, so she thought it could be nice to take them off, just to give some nice and fresh air to her feet!

Cassandra was a little busy playing her game, so she politely asks you if you would be a good boy enough to take her sneakers off her feet for her! You immediately said yes without hesitation since you have a very strong foot fetish, and just takes her sneakers off, then realizes that she is wearing some cute grey Hello Kitty socks! She has been wearing them for a few days for now, so there is a very strong smell that coming out of those socks! You are actually just resisting to rub your nose in her socks, but you are a bit scare that she would probably catch you doing it! You are taking a few sniff in her socks, very close to her feet, and it seems like she doesn’t really pay attention to that. She is touching your face by accident with her socks, so you could now feel that warm sweat of her feet, right in your face! You keep trying to catch a few sniff on her socks, but you really don’t wanna get caught up!


Cassandra seems to know about your foot fetish, so she starts innocently rubbing her sweaty stinky socks around your face, and touch your hard cock with one of her socked foot my accident! You are actually so hard in your pants by trying to catch a few sniff on her socks, and by watching her cute little ass, so you just start jerking off your cock on her back, while she keeps playing that video game! You are so hard for now, and you are right about to cum, so she almost catch you when she turns up a few times on the other side! You are so scared to get caught for now! You are trying to catch a few sniff again inside her Converse, and you keeps sniffing her socks, while you are just jerking off at the same time! The room was actually very hot, so Cassandra also asks you if it could be possible to take her socks off. You immediately obey her instructions and take her socks off, so you now have the best view ever on her amazing looking naked soles while she is playing that video game! You put one of her socks in your mouth to see how they taste, and then you realizes that they are so sweaty, and stinky as fuck! It seems to turn you on so bad! You keep trying to catch a few sniff, but this time on her sweaty naked soles!

Cassandra touches your cock another time with her feet by accident, but then she realizes that your cock is so hard for now! She is almost playing with your cock through your pants while she is playing the game, then she seems to really enjoy about the fact that your cock is getting harder and harder! She is also playing with your balls, but only with her toes, while you still have one of her socks in your mouth, so you are now right about to cum on her naked soles! Will you be able to control yourself, and not warming her naked feet with your big load of cum? Cassandra really wants to know for how long you can control yourself while she is playing that game, so there is an extended version of this clip which is 17 minutes long that you will actually find right on the next page! This clip is just sexy as fuck! Cassandra’s at her best!

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