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Definition - 1080P
Length - 12:34

Cassandra’s Interview with a Foot Fetisher

Cassandra was in charge at the office that day to give some interviews with a few candidates, with her sexy secretary outfit, so she was just waiting for the last candidate after working all day long! The last guy is knocking at the door, and it seems like he was almost ready to do anything to get this job at the office! Cassandra starts to ask a few questions to him, and she seems to notice about his fixation on her feet. She really wanted to get his attention, so she puts both of her feet on top of the desk, with her lovely high heel shoes in her feet! The candidate seems to start losing control of himself, and he was just looking at her feet! Cassandra knew at this time that she could probably take advantage of this guy, and to make him work for the company for free! She starts teasing his cock with her shoes under the table, so it was almost impossible for him at this time to control himself for this interview! Poor him. How can he answers her serious questions with an erection in his pants?


Cassandra felt like she could really take advantage of this guy at this time, so she takes her shoes off to put both of her sweaty nylon feet on top of the desk again! There was a really strong smell in the room for now, since she has been working all day long with her shoes on, but it seems like it was not a problem at all for this candidate! Cassandra starts to tell him how she totally likes long and nice foot massages after her long working days, so she asked him if it would be a problem if this would be a part of his job, and if he would be ready to do a six months training for the job, but without getting paid!

The candidate said at this time that there would be no problem at all, so she realizes that for sure he have a severe foot fetish! He was just looking at her feet, and the strong smell of her nylon feet was not bothering at all, even if his nose was really close to her feet, so that was kind of easy to tell! Cassandra just puts both of her feet on top of his chair again, and starts rubbing her sweaty nylon feet on his cock! She knows at this point that it will be so easy to manipulate this employee as she wishes! That guy on this chair was so hard in his pants at this time, so he was just totally helpless about Cassandra’s interview while her feet were just teasing his cock! Let me tell you that this is for sure one of Cassandra’s best clip ever! Its just a no-brainer! What a dream job this would be!

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