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Cassandra’s Tired Feet

Definition - 1080P
Length - 09:11


Cassandra is coming back from a live concert downtown, so she felt like she needed to relax and rest her tired feet after dancing all night! She falls on the bed with her headphones, and falls resting just a few minutes later! It seems like she was really tired! I was thinking that her feet must be extra sweaty, and super smelly after spending all the night with her feet inside her converse, so I could not resist to take them off, and catch a sniff of her sweaty white socks! They were so hot, and so sweaty!

I’m giving you a nice view on her sweaty white socks, before I take them off to show you her sweaty naked feet! I am trying to give you a nice view again from her sweaty naked feet, while Cassandra is napping and doesn’t know about this. Cassandra’s feet were really stinky, and very smelly! I could catch the smell of her feet just by filming them! I am doing my best to give you the best view on that, before Cassandra wake up and kick me out of the room! She was no happy at all! Another Hot Clip!

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