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Length - 10:22 -
Definition - 1080P

Catherine Tickled By The Boogeywoman

The last thing Catherine remembers is getting out of the shower. Now she finds herself tied up naked on her own bed. Next a tall, busty, amazon like woman enters the room wearing a mask. Catherine has no idea what’s going on and tries to free herself to no avail. The masked woman begins lightly tickling Catherine. Her long nails is all it takes to drive Catherine wild. The masked woman tickles Catherine’s feet, belly button, inner thighs, butt, and private area.

Catherine’s private area, butt, and inner thighs are outlandishly ticklish! She bucks wildly all over the place in tickle delirium. At one point she shouts, ” I’m crying, I’m crying!” The masked tickler doesn’t seem to care. She methodically tickles the hell out of Catherine as she goes insane on the bed. Poor Catherine has no idea what she did or what’s going on.

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