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Length - 32:40 -
Definition - 1080P

Cheaters Get Punished

This is a story clip starring the amazing Amanda Foxx. The plot centers around Amanda of whom has been seeing a man named Mike secretly for the past few months despite the fact that Mike is married. Mike’s wife finds out about their relationship as well as their shared fetish for feet. His wife decides she will punish Mike financially but wants to Punish Amanda in another way.

She is also confused as to why Mike and Amanda have such a fascination for feet as she finds feet disgusting. After reading about a number of ancient punishments, Mike’s wife decides it would be fitting to find a way to incorporate feet into the punishment Amanda deserves for being a cheater. Bastinado is her solution and she hires a pro Dom to put Amanda in tight bondage and punish her with bastinado. Bondage lovers will enjoy her opening hogtie scene that is followed by Amanda tightly bound and gagged and stretched out on a love seat while she endures bastinado.

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