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Cleo Is Ready for the Ultimate Face Down Punishment

Cleo is a true BDSM submissive who love to be punished in many ways like spanking (her favorite), the whip, electric torments, burning wax etc… but this gorgeous 28 years old woman had never heard of the Tickling Fetish.
For the last part of Cleo’s tickle experience she’s immobilized face down because we explained her that girls are generally more sensitive in this position so she immediately asked to be punished in this way.

What a great girl who always want to endure the most unbearable tickling possible with the most ruthless action.
The lucky guys tickle her helpless body from head to toes with different tickle tools to get the best reactions.
The beauty explodes in laughter but more it is unbearable more she enjoys.
Cleo is a dream beause her entire body is as ticklish as it is beautiful and her reactions are absolutely great to watch.

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