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Colibri and Astrid. I will lick and tickle your feet until… WTF?!

Definition - 1080P
Length - 17:59


Made by request
The video starts with Colibri tied to the bench with her socks on. Her upper body is mummified with her arms on her side, but her hands are sticking out. She is gagged with cloth stuffed in her mouth and tape wrapped around her head. She is struggling and mmphing for about 2 minutes.

Astrid, wearing a blouse, skirt and black stockings but no shoes, walks in and takes off Colibri’s socks. She begins tickling Colibri with her fingers for few minutes, then lick her feet and sucks her toes.

Colibri hates it the whole time and tries to call for help.
**SILENT POV** for this next part of the video.
After, the toe sucking, Astrid sees someone behind her and gets scared.

The video fades out and Astrid, now barefoot and tied the same way as Colibri next to her (Astrid has her feet tied to the bench and mummified the same way as Colibri). For the rest of the video, they struggle to escape. Both of them look angry at each other while they struggle to get out of their bondage.

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