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Constance Drives Alisea Insane in the New Device – Full Session

Alisea’s helpless and sexy bare feet are now ready for a merciless punishment. Constance is an incredible ticklee but she’s a great and very sadistical too and she’s very impatient to get her revenge on Alisea’s soles and toes. This is not the first time she tickles her friend’s feet and she knows exactly how to drive her insane with the best reactions as possible. Constance does her best on Alisea’s extremities with her fingers, hairbrushes, electric toothbrushes and with the tickling glove. Every techniques work perfectly and the poor ticklee explodes silly during 10 long minutes. This is a real merciless and intensive F/F tickling action!

This is now time for Constance to get her revenge on her super ticklish friend. Alisea is immobilized in our new device with all her body vulnerable. Constance LOVES to tickle Alisea especially if she absolutely can’t move at all then this is a great situation for her. The revenge begins with a merciless and long upperbody tickle . The FT Tickler shows good techniques at some moment but this is a nice F/F tickle session. Alisea becomes crazy and more she laughs more Constance tickle her with a real intensity driving her into hysterics. The sadistical Constance enjoys to see her friend losing control of herself and she knows exactly how to drive her insane and how to get the most hysterical laughter. At the end of the clip the team want to give her more unbearable tickle then they decide to tickle alisea’s super ticklish nose a feather during two minutes. This is intolerable for ALisea and this is exactly what we love to see. Enjoy!

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