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Continue of Alsu’s super incredible reaction !

The second part of the final episode with Alsu – an incredibly ticklish girl. Her reaction is so strong and sexy that it excites at once.
She’s still fastened to the leather mattress and I tickle her feet and thighs. And then I turn to her sides and armpits. I bite her body and tickle as hard as I can, and she’s going crazy… For a few seconds, I tickle her with a vibrator between her legs and then bite and lick her nipples and waist. I clamp her mouth with my hand to settle her down…

Then, having freed Alsu’s legs, I try to tickle her in this position. It was something like a little struggle happens when she tries to free herself from my ticklish embrace.
After the break Alsu dresses into an innocent outfit and sexy netted stockings. Now she is handcuffed on the arms and legs that are drawn to each other. She twists and plays with her legs, and I start tickling her from behind and then I turn to the feet, enjoying the tickling. I tear her stockings and use a vibrator and toothbrush on her feet with cream – Alsu resists and laughs.

I still tickle her from behind, picking up her skirt and after that, we get tired and finish our ticklish games…

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