Ticklish confrontation of two topless sisters - Wrestler Atlanta vs Gera


Length – 16:45

Today there’s a confrontation between two sisters. First, the powerful wrestler Atlanta will tickle his little step-sister Gera, and then they will switch places. Both girls will be topless, tied in identical poses, ball gagged.

1. Powerful Atlanta tickles her step-sister mercilessly – with her mighty hands she covers the whole body of her younger step-sister and torments her sides and stomach. Her step-sister laughs through the ballgag in her saliva. Then Atlanta goes to her step-sister’s feet and tickles them with sharp nails, enjoying the process.

2. No less interesting is tickling Atlanta, and even longer. A strong girl and at the same time very ticklish. Gera tickles her sides and stomach and tickles her nipples in the same way. Atlanta screams and laughs strongly through a large black ballgag. A little later, the younger step-sister attacks her feet.

Then there is a double tickling with four hands, where Atlanta receives a large dose of tickling in different spots of the body, goes crazy and laughs a lot!

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