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Length - 06:08 -
Definition - 1080P

Crystal’s Feet After Work

Crystal was born with a lots of attitude so she knows how to take advantage of all the guys around! She works as a waitress not so far so she wouldn’t miss this opportunity to know how this loser would react with her smelly feet on his face after a long shift! That was kind of a fantasy for Crystal to know if he could take it! She makes him lie down on the floor to make him lick and clean the bottom of her shoes as an appetizer! She wants him to prove that he really wants to smell her precious feet!

She takes one of her shoe off then cover his nose with it and makes him take some deep breathe in her shoe! Can you smell my day now? She laughs and also cover his face with both of her sweaty nyloned feet! They were extremely warm and wet of sweat but she rubs them all over his face with an innocent smile! She makes him lick and taste that sweat at the bottom of her smelly nyloned soles with his tongue! What a Bratty Chix! (French Language)

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