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Length - 04:00 -
Definition - 1080P

Crystal’s Interview

Crystal is now in charge at the office and she is looking a devoted employee to obey every single commands! She’s ready to give you an interview as a chance so she’ll decribe you about the work she’s expecting from you! You’ll have to bow down on your knees and lick the bottom of her shoes cleaned! She’ll give you a rate! Crystal also wants you to massage her feet after every single day of work!

If you complain about the smell, she will rub them all over your face and make you lick the sweaty bottom of her soles as an overtime work! You won’t get paid for this overtime work but you’ll have to stay at the office until Crystal decides she doesn’t need you! You will also have to serve as a footstool under the desk while she’s working so she will decides if your face is comfortable enough for her precious feet! Are you ready for your interview? (French Language)

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