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Daisy Lynn – Ticklegasm

Definition - 720P
Length - 20:30


New arrival! Second Daisy I’ve had pass through here, and like the other Daisy, she too is ticklish beyond words to the point of feathers working! But first the setup. She’s mummified ankles to neck, laid on the massage table, and her feet locked in place with her toes pulled back and tied off individually. Thick, wide tape traps her flat on her back to the table itself. Not going anywhere, sorry. I’ve never worked with her before so I began as I always do with someone new, probing with fingers.

Lightly at first. The reaction doesn’t disappoint. Well, doesn’t disappoint me at least. Her laughter comes loud, fast, and often. I tease, poke, prod. Honestly I couldn’t find a spot that didn’t bring a reaction. I backed off once and hit a spot on her heel and she says….no nothing there….until I go to the same spot on the opposite foot and she loses it. Her toes are worked, her arches, balls of her feet. Name it. I grab a feather and yes it actually brings LOUD nonstop laughing!

Back to fingers, then back to feathers again. I notice throughout she seems to be getting excited between the laughter.  At the end of the video she releases, streamlined straight from laughter to a full on orgasm.  I didn’t see that one coming. (Pun, anyone?)

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