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Dana tickles barefoot Leya on a special tickling device

By John

In this clip, two friends are having fun with tickling!
Dana is tickling Leya’s bare soles that are fixed on a special tickling device. Leya is tied face down on the device, her hands are restrained in front of her with a rope, and her legs are secured in special brackets, with her soles helplessly facing upwards and positioned conveniently right in front of Dana.

Dana starts with a gentle tickle using her nails and a feather, but that doesn’t last long, as she transitions into an intense tickling because she feels Leya needs to be tickled thoroughly. Throughout the clip, Dana uses nails, feathers, electric toothbrushes, and a comb on Leya’s bare feet.
Towards the end, she rises and tickles her friend’s ribs as well.

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