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Degraded to BootSlut


Length - 11:33
- 720P -
Published 29 April, 2022

Pathetic slavegirl completely degraded. Now her uses for clean the dirty, muddy boots! Adriana walked in the mud in her gorgeous over knee boots. And she slavegirl to lick all dirt and nasty mud from this sexy boots. Adriana: “Come on, bitch! Lick my boots! I want to see how you swallow this dirt. Show me your tongue! Swallow! Keep licking!” She so cruel and domineering woman, her voice sounds strong, impossible not to obey to her.

Adriana: “Come here! Ew you are so dirty. Eat the dirt! I do not see how you swallow. Go on! You always will eat dirt. You understood me?” In the end she wipes soles on slaves face. Slavegirls face totally dirty and her mouth full of mud. But who will be worried about the bootslut…

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