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Clarissa takes her revenge in our most punishing dirty feet clip!

On the day we shot our latest foot gagging clip Throat Deep Foot Slavery, Clarissa vowed revenge. She wanted to abuse Dorothy’s throat with her toes, just as she had to suffer. But watching her gag with her foot in her miserable mouth was not enough for Clarissa! She wanted something more humiliating. She insisted to shoot her scene outdoors – she already worked out her evil plan! Once we arrived to our favorite outdoor location, Clarissa walked all over the place, searching for something really disgusting to step into. She found a reeking puddle of mud rotting in the summer heat. She knew she can do anything today, the rules were simple: Dorothy had to submit to her feet, just the way Clarissa orders her to, without any protest or resist. So she buried her feet ankle-deep in the mud, walked back to us and the scene began!

She shoved her feet into Dorothy’s face, and ordered her to clean her dirty soles with her tongue. Dorothy obediently followed the order, and started to lick Clarissa’s heels, her high arches and perfect toes. Even though she did everything she has been ordered to, she obviously had a hard time doing so. Those faces of disgust she makes are simply priceless! The taste of the stinky mud itself made her gag, a rotten puddle in this heat…yuck! And, of course, nobody knew, what was beneath the water surface… Clarissa just laughs at her and rubs her dirty soles into her face. Making Dorothy lick the disgusting mud off her soles was not nearly enough, it was merely the warm-up! Clarissa ordered her to suck on her filthy toes, and Dorothy obeyed again. She sucked Clarissa’s whole foot as if it were a huge, dirty cock! However, this was still not enough! Clarissa grabbed her head and rammed her foot down her throat, literally fucking her mouth with her toes! As the tip of the toes hit her throat, her gag reflex was triggered, she made wonderful gagging and retching sounds, her suffering was simply epic! Even though she was kept on the edge of throwing up (well, sometimes a bit over…) throughout almost the entire clip, she kept herself on her knees and her hands behind her back at all times, like a well disciplined, obedient slut!

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