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Dirty Feet Must Be Your Priority Slave Girl

The gorgeous Mistress Sonya would like to have a peaceful evening after a hard routine at work. She is so tired and a little sore because her precious feet felt a bit tight from wearing her favorite wedges all day long. For this reason, during her way back home she decided to remove them for a while and walked barefoot to give her soles some relief. Unfortunately, the floors she stepped on were very dirty and her delicate arches accumulated a lot of grime and dust. However, Sonya doesn’t care at all because she owns a diligent slave girl, Molly, who always takes care of her feet and gives them the proper treatment they deserve.

In this video, Sonya calls for her servant girl to start cleaning thoroughly her filthy soles while she just relaxes and spends the night. The poor girl tries to swallow all the dirt, especially the one stuck between Sonya’s toes, but it seems like an impossible task because Sonya’s feet are big, so there is a lot of area she must cover in order to wipe them up. To make things worse, Sonya insults Molly constantly and reminds her how pathetic and insignificant she is. From time to time, Sonya inspects Molly’s work knowing the slave girl hasn’t finished her task only to humiliate her even more. Sonya is conscious that she could have Molly washing her feet with soap and water but she prefers to watch her struggling and dealing with the taste and smell because it’s more entertaining to her.

The servant girl continues licking her Goddess’ soles and sucking her toes while Sonya yells at her to work hard and faster. Even though Molly is having difficulties eating the grime, she doesn’t dare to disobey Sonya and understands that the punishment will be severe if she hesitates for a second. At the end, Sonya’s soles look very clean but she is not pleased with Molly’s performance and with an arrogant demeanor she dismisses her and begins checking her social media in her smartphone. There is no doubt that it’s not easy to be Sonya’s slave.

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