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Double Agent Kristy – “Lick my foot, I can jump on the other foot all day!” – Tickling and foot licking

Definition - 1080P
Length - 21:18


By Dero

Kristy is playing the role of a double agent. At first, she disguises herself as an Eastern beauty to infiltrate a strange room. She walks to the center, and then a determined man appears. He shows that he’s ready to see what she’s capable of. The girl kicks him, but he catches her leg. He starts tickling Kristy’s beautiful feet, and she laughs. This continues for some time, with the man constantly catching Kristy’s leg, tickling her, and sucking her toes. Kristy exclaims, “You can lick my feet as much as you want – I can hop on one leg as much as you please!”

Now Kristy tries to escape from the attacker, and she almost finds a way out and grabs onto the doorframe. But the man grabs onto her exposed armpits, and Kristy bursts into laughter – it tickles her a lot. She attempts to escape again, but it doesn’t work. The man tickles her even more. Then she breaks free and runs to the other side of the room. But she gets caught…

Now Kristy is tied to a wooden device, and the man is planning to tickle her with all his might. It’s a real challenge for Kristy, who has rarely been tickled before – now it’s a fierce attack, and she wriggles and screams as much as she can (5 minutes).

Kristy is once again playing the role of the second agent, dressed in a white blouse and white jeans. She’s wearing boots. She’s searching for a criminal, hoping he won’t expose her. Once again, she encounters the man, and she strikes him with powerful blows to the chest, but he catches her legs and removes her shoes to tickle and bite her soles.

Later on, Kristy becomes completely vulnerable, and the man handcuffs her hands to the ceiling. She tries to push him away and kicks with her legs, but he keeps catching her. Kristy even tries to throw both her legs at him, and he fights back by tickling her bare heels, now freed from jeans and tights. The man continues to taunt Kristy, tickling her, and at some point, he pounces on her side. After tickling her, he leaves her alone. The lights go off… and it seems Kristy manages to escape, at least for a little while…

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