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Length - 08:40 -
Definition - 1080P

Eliza’s First Time Tickling w/ Ripped Shirt

So this is my friend Eliza. I honestly forgot what we were doing this for as this is another from the archive that’s pretty old. But I’m pretty sure we had some sort of game off-camera that involved us ripping each other’s shirts up in between tickling each other. This is a compilation of all of the footage of Eliza being tickled. She absolutely HATES it. This video was just for us for the dare that we had. But, after some conversation, she agreed to let me upload it for everyone.

On that note, I’ve asked her to come back and do shoots with us, but she can’t STAND being tickled. So convincing her is a bit of a challenge. But, she said if this video does well, she’d consider coming back if it was worth it. So if you want to see more of her, please purchase this clip and help bring her back! In this clip, Eliza is tickled all over, mostly on her stomach, her armpits are her weakest spot. Over time, her shirt becomes more and more ripped exposing her stomach and belly ring. There’s a lot of banter and begging in this video.

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