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Ellyn’s ultra sensitive underarms are made for tickling

Ellyn is a cute 19 years old student who was interested by a fun tickling experience with us.
She really didn’t imagined how she were ticklish especially on her poor helpless sexy underarms.
This position is just wonderful for upperbody tickling but it is hell at the same time for girls who are as ticklish as Ellyn is and she really endured the worst here.
If you have a fantasy with ultra ticklish young chubby students this sexy girl is exactly what you’re looking for beyond expected.

The tickle torture is soft at the beginning of the clip but it increases progressively till Ellyn goes totally crazy.
She explodes in laughter with hysterical reactions who are just a dream for a merciless tickler but this was really too much for her.
We’re really not sure she will return in the future but wow it was so good.

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