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Enola Smelly Converse on Your Face

So, today! I wanted to show you all, one of my ULTIMATE FAVE ways to dominate my slave!! ???? For today I chose my WHITE CONVERSE I’ve used hundreds of times over the years ???? and went on a long walk around town. For the time I was back, they were STINKY AND SWEATY, just what I wanted ????

I taped my stinky converse in my slave’s face! ????so he’d SNIFF THEM AS HARD AS POSSIBLE as I relax with MY FEET ON HIS SHOULDERS?? while I humiliate him and him to keep smelling my converse! After a while, I took the converse off his face, and order him to kiss and smell my sweaty barefeet!! so he cleans all the dirt???? Eventually, I get over it so I finish him with the perfect finally…????I HANG HIM WITH MY LEGS until he went to rest

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