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Length - 11:20 -
Definition - 1080P

Eva’s Indecent Proposal

This beautiful princess Eva have came to my place a few times now during my vacation to Bangkok in Thailand, so it seems like she starts enjoying my place, and she seems to start enjoying having a slave taking some good care of her feet after work, since her boyfriend never pay attention to her feet! She came to visit me on that Friday night to have a few drinks at the rooftop pool, but she just could not stop teasing me with her feet after her long working day! That was such a tease! She was telling me about her long working day, about how her feet must be sweaty and smelly, and about how she would love to have a nice foot massage! After a few drinks, I did offer her to go downstairs, and give her a nice foot rub. She told me that she would love to rub her sweaty socks and feet in my face one more time, but only if I give her the money that she needed, and if I do not tell any word to her boyfriend about our weird relation! How could I refuse that? Her feet must be so hot and sweaty inside those cute little shoes.

We went downstairs to the condo, and Eva wanted me to sit right in front of the window! She wanted to enjoy that nice view of the city, while she would let me sniff her feet at the same time! She makes me take her sneakers off, then immediatly covers my face with her sweaty pink socks! Those cute socks were so hot, and they were almost like burning my face! They were all wet of sweat, after that long sunny summer day under that warm weather of Bangkok! She makes me take some deep breaths in her socks, with her cute smile of satisfaction, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her socks too! I was just in heaven! Eva also makes me peels her socks off with my teeth, and just pushes both of her socks inside my mouth with her toes! She wanted me to chew on them for a while! She makes me sniff the stinky bottom of her feet, while I am chewing on her dirty socks, and makes me take some deep breaths in her feet! She makes me spits those dirty socks out of my mouth, to make me lick and clean the sweaty bottom of her soles! She also makes me suck on her lovely toes for a while, before she asks me for the money, and left for a nice dinner with her boyfriend! This girl is such a tease! You just have no idea! I just hope her boyfriend will never catch this clip!

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