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Length - 15:18 -
Definition - 1080P

Extreme Foot Gagging

Again my slave is lucky to have my beautiful feet inside his mouth. This time I will try to move my feet from side to side to make them go deeper into the bottom of his mouth until I can touch his throat. It seems that works better to get them deeper, the slave can not stand and it repeatedly give arches but I do not care.

It is incredible to see almost all my foot inside his mouth without him being able to move or breathe, I really love this kind of videos … the slave has eyes full of tears, I can see his face of suffering, but I will not stop until that I want I like to treat it as an object to give myself pleasure and it for several minutes.

Finally I use my full weight to get deeper inside…

If he does not do  what I say he knows he will receive a punishment that will be much worse. Have you ever asked yourself? What kind of punishment does my slave receive when he do bad? I can give you a hint … He get several mark in his back and much more …

In this video I use light blue polish which is my favorite!
(Side and Frontal View)

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