F.B.I. Agent Kristy - take off boots and ONE nylon knee socks for tickle torture


Length – 26:26

Special FBI Agent Kristy got into the building to find important information. She is dressed in a leather jacket with a blouse and tight leggings with boots. She quietly enters the room and starts rummaging the shelves. Suddenly, an unknown man grabs her from behind and pulls her so that her legs are in the air.
The masked man takes off her clothes and strokes her sexy body. He wants to know why and what she’s doing here.

He drags her into another room, blindfolds Kristy and starts to slowly take off her boots, stroking her legs. Then he removes one nylon sock from her foot. Then he tickles her. Kristy is ticklish and becomes even more sensitive in excitement.
She doesn’t want to tell him anything. The masked man ties her hands behind a chair and puts her feet on another chair, then starts tickling her feet with hands and brushes, focusing on her foot in the sock. Then he passes to her bare foot and begins to lick her toes.
Then the maniac approaches from behind and begins to tickle her sides. Her bones at the waist are very ticklish so she screams from the tickling.

Then he drags Kristy to a table and puts her face down on the table and starts tickling her both feet and then again focuses on the foot in the sock. Kristy is finally crack. After this, the maniac binds both her feet, takes off her sock and starts tickling both feet. But no one hears her screams and can’t help her…

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