Face down tickle torture is unbearable for Roxy



Length : 13:00

For the final part of Roxy’s tickling day she’s immobilized face down and she discovers that tickle torture is unbearable in this position.
She’s totally at the mercy of Camily with all her most ticklish spots vunerable especially her ultra ticklish feet.

Camily is absolutely merciless and this is so fun to meet girls who are as ticklish as they’re good ticklers and who do their best to give the best punishment possible to their friend.

Roxy is so ticklish everywhere and her laughter is so arousing that we really never get enough of her ticklishness. This is intolerable for her because she can’t remove her feet from the tickling and she can’t stop to laugh frantically.

Face down position with totally helpless soles up is the best situation to have the maximum tickle fun.

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