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Fat Anna in the car with her friends – long tickling adventure

Part 1. Madness in the car.
Fat Anna returns home late after a buzzed party. Her friends Alina and Mara catch a taxi and they go together. The girls are tipsy and talk nonsense in English and laugh. Then Mara pokes Anna in the side – after that, the large Anna laughs and begs to stop.
Tickling, tickling, tickling! – the girls scream and begin to torture Anna’s ribs on both sides. Then they tie her hands and unbutton her narrow shirt.
This lasted about 10 minutes.

Part 2. Anna’s torment in an underwear on the chair.
Here Anna is sitting on a chair in her underwear and I’ll torture and shake her plump belly and tickle her sides and armpits. In the end, Alina will join us and tickle Anna’s feet.
12 minutes

Part 3. Girlfriends torment Anna while standing and lying down.
Now the rest of the time, Mara and Alina will torment Anna – first, she will be in a T-shirt, and then they will cut it. They will mock Anna while standing for a long time. And then they will torture Anna in a lying position with chopsticks.
After that, Anna will be tortured standing in her underwear and jeans.

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