Fifteen Minutes of Fame


Duration: 15:52 @ 1920×1080 (HD MP4)

As you can see, Mya’s one stunningly gorgeous foot model… and she’s in luck, because I’m in the market for a new foot girl! Can she make the cut? Unfortunately for her, I like my foot girls ticklish. The more ticklish, the better!

See Mya get the “casting couch” treatment, as I see just how much tickling her poor feet can take; first comes the gentle teasing of a purple feather, which gives way to a horribly effective sonic toothbrush. Finally, I simply go all out with both hands, mercilessly tickling her feet until she gives.

What makes this video unique is that it’s one continuous take: no cuts, no edits, no splices. I’m actually tickling her almost non-stop for well over fifteen minutes! By the end she’s completely exhausted, but hey; nobody ever said the life of a foot girl was easy.


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