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First Experience in the Stocks for the Super Ticklish Maïa : Full

A few time ago Alisea has introduced to us the very beautiful Maïa. She said to us that she had a VERY VERY TICKLISH friend and she did not lie to us. This new 24 years old model loses control at the slightest touch on her incredibly sensitive body and her feet are horribly ticklish. Maïa is mercilessy tickled by Alisea and the FT Tickler during this clip. Alisea loves to tickle her friends without mercy and she wants to have a lot of fun with the sexy Maïa who has no chance to remove her feet from tickling. This situation makes her more hysterical than ever but the ticklers totally ignore her frantic laughter and desperate pleas for mercy. They keep tickling her until she’s desperately begging for them to stop and you’ll see on her face, as she suffer. Maïa laughs and screams uncontrollably all long the session and this is exactly that we love. A must see for all bare foot tickling lovers who love desperately ticklish girls!

Alisea and the Tickler discovered how Maïa’s bare soles and toes are ticklish then they are curious to see her reactions if they attack with electric toothbrushes. Wow! She is laughing hysterically in between desperate cries of mercy and unstoppable giggling and squirming! It tickles like crazy and the girl loses all control of herself. She explodes silly in a fountain of laughter as the brushes tickle and tickle again her insanely ticklish toes.

During the first half of the clip Maïa is tickled by Alisea and the FT Tickler and for the second half she is tickled by Alisea and an other sadistical girl who is decided to drive crazy the poor ticklee. The girls know exactly how to get the best reactions and they really show her no mercy with the hairbrushes. She goes nuts and it’s a delight to watch. For the last minute the girls tickle Maïa’s insanely ticklish upperbody. Her ENTIRE BODY IS EXTREMELY TICKLISH then Sit back and enjoy her laughter!

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