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Length - 16:09 -
Definition - 720P

Flavie’s Ticklish Experience – Full Session

With great pleasure, we introduce to you the very pretty 19 year old Flavie. Filming with Flavie was quite interesting as it was the first time we met a girl who reacts this way… Allow me to explain myself. Camille is genuinely ticklish, and being tickled is a real for her, but quite bizarrely she makes almost no sound in her reactions.. Her sensitivity translates by her body’s jerking and spasms.

While she fights this unbearable tickling as much as she can, she doesn’t make a peep outside a few short screams and giggles, as if she were purposefully holding back her screams, but had no control over her body. This type of situation is quite a turn-on. What pleasure to tickle a very ticklish pretty girl who can’t stand it, and in the intimacy of the, manages to control her reactions to be silent but violently visible!

Our tickler is now impatient to tickle Flavie’s helpless bare feet. The guys uses fingers and brushes to give her a merciless punishment. Flavie is silent but very ticklish and she tries to remove her feet but it is impossible. Her feet are beautiful and so fun to tickle and even if this girl has a silent laughter she has energetic reactions in the device who show how it her. Flavie is interviewed about the experience at the end of the clip.

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