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Definition - 1080P
Length - 13:05

Florence’s Sensual Massage

Florence was totally ready for her final exam after a few months of massage classes, so she will have to pass her final exam all alone with her teacher since he is the one who will give her her note on this final exam! She really wanted to do it well, and she really wants to pass her final exam, so she sits on the back of her teacher, and starts to give him a nice back massage, with all the techniques that she has learn in her classes! The professor seems to really enjoy the massage, but she felt like she would need to do a little extra if she wants to pass this exam! She already knew about the professor’s foot fetish, so she thought it could be nice and easy to take advantage of that, so maybe this would totally help her to pass this final exam!

Florence takes her boots off, then immediately pushes her professor’s face right on her sweaty white socks, and starts to give him a nice head massage, while pushing his face right in her stinky white socks at the same time! The smell of her socks was so intense, so I am pretty sure that her teacher had an instant hard on, just with the strong smell of her socks! She takes pleasure in rubbing her sweaty white socks on his face, and makes him sniff her stinky white socks while giving him a nice back massage! Florence also turns on the other nice to continue this nice massage, then takes her socks off to put her sweaty feet right in his face again while giving him this nice back massage! The teacher was really enjoying this final exam, and I am pretty sure he was just about to cum in his pants, so she just takes advantage of that, and makes him sniff and lick the bottom of her stinky bare feet! I am pretty sure she will easily pass her final exam without any problem! Florence is just so hot in this clip!

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