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Foot Cleaning, Gone Wrong III


Length - 20:19 - 1080P

This is the first time you’r going to my dirty soles! and Guess what… My slave is gonna clean them with its tongue. 

After 6-7 minutes licking my soles and sucking each part of my feet, toes, between my toes… he’s tongue was all black full of dirty… I thought he was doing a good job but after that I realized that he missed too many spots. This time he didn’t know that I was going to foot gag him because my feet was really really dirty! But I didn’t care, he had to  take his punishment even if his face ends full of dirt!

I sink my foot several times and then gagged him very deep… he was full of dirt and drooling…So disgusting licking and eating his own saliva blended with dirt. I ordered him to open wide and He started feeling nauseous – FULL FOOT GAGGING NON-STOP for several minutes… His face was getting black and dirty…  he started crying and begged me to stop! He never took this before ( super dirty soles) I tried to kept my feet as much time as I can while he was gagging,  I didn’t stop, I kept gagging him until my feet were full of his drool and his eyes were watery! His face was so MESSY and full of dirt!… NO MERCY FOR HIM! I made him lick all the saliva of my feet and rubbed my feet over his face!

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