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Foot Worship For Courtney After Her Daily Workout

The beautiful Courtney is finishing her daily workout and now she would just like to relax and receive a special treatment for her sore delicate feet. As we already know, Courtney always has devoted slaves at her beck and call and today she chooses Lizalka to make her feel better and worship her as she deserves. Indeed, Courtney has been treated like royalty throughout her life and it has become one of her favorite hobbies to humiliate the poor Lizalka without showing any remorse.

She considers Lizalka is way below her and must feel privileged for serving a Goddess such as helself. Courtney places her dirty sneakers in front of the servant girl’s face and starts teasing Lizalka because she knows how bad she wants to taste them. The slave girl starts licking and puts a big effort to eat all the dust and grime from Courtney soles while the Goddess just showcases a big cruel smile. Courtney laughs several times at Lizalka’s face for being so pathetic and insignificant but the servant girl is unable to complain and continues cleaning Courtney’s sneakers silently. After a while, Courtney commands Lizalka to remove her sneakers so that she can give some fresh air to her feet.

Courtney’s white socks are so sweaty and stinky that anyone in the room could feel their strong stench from various meters away. Lizalka, in the meantime, sniffs Courtney’s sneakers inhaling all the scent accumulated in them. Then, Courtney makes Lizalka press her face against those nasty white socks while the Goddess smirks knowing she has worn them for several days in a row. Once Lizalka is besotted with Courtney’s feet scent, the Mistress orders her slave girl to take her socks off to wipe up all the sweat gathered in her bare soles and cute toes, putting special focus on her heels.

The servant girl keeps lapping Courtney’s soles passionately following her Goddess’ directions and gives her the proper massage that Courtney demands after an intense routine. Lizalka at the end kisses Courtney’s toes to reinforce her submission and thanks her Queen for the honor of being there at her service

The beautiful Courtney is finishing her daily workout and now she would just like to relax and receive a special treatment for...

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